About us

Morten Pedersen
With >20 years experience as a leader in the maritime and energy industries, within heavy industry, electrical, electronic, software, operational, manufacturing and more, Morten brings a unique ability to identify beneficial solutions across companies and continents.
Natascha Pedersen
With >20 years experience of creating customer service excellence primarily in the maritime and energy industries, Natascha brings a unique ability to identify the expectations and needs of your customers, and as such can be an enormous asset in creating value for your clients. Whether you're looking for expansion opportunities or want to optimize your international operations, she can help you make informed decisions from a mixture of experience and fresh thinking.
“I want to close the technology and cultural gap between Europe and North America to provide competitive solutions and advantages, as well as profitability for the parties involved. Connecting people and companies with a common goal will accomplish just that”

Morten Pedersen

“My mission is to make it “easy” for organizations to establish themselves across the Atlantic, as doing business internationally is not always as straight forward as it looks.”

Natascha Pedersen

Morten has done business in North America for >10 years where he has built an extensive network with shipowners, end-users, OEMs integrators, shipbuilders and other solutions providers.

As Tech-Viking’s founder, Morten oversees business development and expansion of the company’s growing operations as it expands across marine, energy and oil & gas.
"While individual components can solve big challenges, combined technologies can move mountains and change the world." 

Recently Morten has involved himself in the idea of combining energy storage with advanced power management features and modern power electronics - utilizing a variety of the experiences achieved over the past 20 years.
Experience summary:
President / Owner, Tech-Viking LLC
- Business Development SPOC Grid
- Interim COO, LAVLE 
- Technical Advisor, Super Yacht 
Head of Sales, MAN Energy Solutions
CEO, DEIF USA (Genset controls / Power Management Systems)
Superintendent, Wärtsilä Switzerland
(2-stroke engines)
Ship’s Mechanic, A.P.Møller-Mærsk
Natascha will assist you in the development of your organization in North America. Her main role is to help with sourcing a wide range of ingredients, parts, products, solutions, and much more, assist you to market and sell effectively and successfully, as well as ensure proper operations when entering a new foreign market. Her goal is to make sure your organization will be a smooth-running engine in North America.
Why choose us ? We offer many years of hands-on experience and expertise of living and working abroad, a unique sense of cultural awareness, dedicated attention, and a good understanding of local as well as your business customs and culture.
Experience summary:
Business Consultant, Tech-Viking LLC & Duplex M  & Akrus (USA) 
Operation Specialist, Convoy Inc (USA)
Strategic Buyer, MAN Energy Solutions (Denmark)
Sales Manager, Wärtsilä Denmark
Project Coordinator, Wärtsilä Switzerland
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