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Studs, Nuts & Bolts

From the best dedicated German OE manufacturer, high precision made rolled threaded studs, nuts and bolts including Lloyds certificate

Studs and Nuts are two of the most highly underestimated parts of an engine
A high tension stud can be overstretched and may cause thousands of euros in damage

We are experienced in the delivery of studs, nuts and bolts for the application of:

  • Connecting Rods Studs and Nuts (hydraulic) / Bolts (mechanic)
  • Cylinderhead Studs and Nuts
  • Counterweight Studs and Nuts / Bolts
  • Rocker Arm Studs / Nuts / Bolts

Produced in Germany by the best dedicated OE manufacturer, we offer a triple European classification process. From rough batch material to production and final inspection of the product. Type classification is also available upon request

Country of Origin: Germany
Marked : Batched, Classified
Running Stock: 14.000 pieces

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