Do you already operate in the US market, but need more boots on the ground, and are  unsure where to start? Sales, technical support, administration, warehousing or other?

We are local for you

We have an experienced team that can be your boots on the ground and we can add more people as needed.
We can support you with:

Direct Sales

As representative of your company or as distributor.

Technical service & support

When your company is a new player in the market, it is hard to find good people - Tech-Viking has access to engineers and technicians in a wide variety of fields.

Business Administration 

Are you ready to do payroll, pay taxes, pay phone bills, pay rent etc? Have you considered your compensation package with health insurance and 401(k)? We will share our network of providers with you.

Shipping / warehousing / facilities

Do you already have a location or do you prefer that someone else handle it for you? We can help!
Tech-Viking’s role can be sales representative, distributor, administration support, facilities provider
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