Are you ready to expand your business and enter a new market? Did you already decide that the US is your new focus for growth? But you’re just not sure how to get started on that enormous task?
We will guide your management team through a series of workshops, that will result in a go-to-market strategy that works for your company, including:

Success Criteria

How do you define a success with your US setup?


What is your budget and expected ROI?

Market Entry Strategy

Which sales channel works best for you?

Sales & Marketing strategy

Who is selling your solutions, and do they have the tools they need?


How is your US operations integrated with your HQ operations?


How does your US organization look and what can you expect?

HQ Support

Who is the “US support team” in HQ?

What do you want Tech-Viking’s role to be? Interim Management, facilitator, board seat-or something else?

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